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Back to school am I. Oh happy day! It felt good to spend 11 hours on campus today. Spent way to much time in the computer lab which lead to nothing but a few cheap wins in the game of chess.
Time seems to be stopping for me again. Always a good thing when you know you have the ability to halt time, and of course speed it back up.
I am starting a mission today. The question is what is that mission? I figure I know it and no one else does because I am Batman and I guess that means I’m secretive.
Along with that, I have successfully downloaded the entire 64-song Chrono Trigger OST. It makes me feel good that I no longer have to play Chrono Trigger to enjoy its wonderful music.
Well school has started so I best get sleep.

How many dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, fish, or other domestic animals have you killed or not killed today? I didn’t kill any, I hope…

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