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Verbal Masturbation

Well to make the title of this post apparent, I figure I will start by a brief, but someone very insightful chat between Rob and me.

AIM H8S ME: zup?
jrcorps2: just typing away at my computer while waiting to fall asleep
AIM H8S ME: hehe
AIM H8S ME: so, how is life treating you?
jrcorps2: from what angle?
AIM H8S ME: what angle is bothering you the most?
AIM H8S ME: or the least 🙂
jrcorps2: well the one probably with the best view is the one that looks at the bigger picture. In other words: my life is
beyond great. It is so amazingly wonderful that I can’t believe how lucky I am. This is of course from the angle of a poor
10 year old boy with aids in the middle of south africa whos parents were killed by a charging elephant while trying to get
food for him to eat.
AIM H8S ME: hehe
AIM H8S ME: and the other?
jrcorps2: we could then change angles to one of good old willy shakespeare, and then we decide that life sucks so
horribly bad because it is better to die than to be out of love
jrcorps2: so as you can see, life can be whatever you make it. This is quite positively a true statement, as true from my
angle as it is from yours
AIM H8S ME: hmmm
AIM H8S ME: don’t want to answer, just want to verbally masterbate?
jrcorps2: exactamundo

Wasn’t that worth a diary entry all by itself? In other news: I added a new story. I was meaning to add this one awhile back, but never got around to it.

My guests are great. We went out to the Mall of America today and saw all the wonderful sites. If I had more time, I thought I would post my race results. Needless to say I was actually running in 1st place for awhile until some one, *cough cough* one of my guests *cough cough*, got sideways by some weird means and ended up right in my path. I wasn’t to happy about this, but I finished out 6th and went home relatively happy.

We then watched Galaxy Quest. This amazingly funny and surprisingly well thought out story entertained me for 2 hours before I decided I would come here and verbally masturbate for Rob. There you go Beth, that should be a good image. The truth of the matter is, I am tired. So off to bed I go.