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Twits from the week of 2010-10-10

  • Sometimes, I swear the best way to get the flu is to get a flu shot… Amber is home sick today 🙁 Hope she feels better #
  • @SFoskett I've been using linode for over a year… very easy to manage, backup tool is sweet. Only thing missing is phone support in reply to SFoskett #
  • Amber and I would like to get a new TV in the future… I'm starting to think I might hold out for a Google TV: http://goo.gl/DhR4 #
  • Time to find out what the wife wants for lunch (gotta take care of the sick people, but avoid any sort of contact) #
  • Can't say Minnesota Football politics is boring… Farve and Moss on the same team… should be interesting: http://es.pn/b6s4hk #