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I am surprised…

Today was filled with many surprises. Even if they weren’t really surprises, I will treat them as one because I figure it will bring unity to this post through the common links of being surprised and being related to my life.

I suppose I will list these surprise in the order they happened because that would make the most sense. The first surprise of the day was the fact I got out of bed on time. This rarely happens, and, despite my many attempts to twart the evil alarm clock, I still made it to MSA on time.

The next big surprise was a phone call from my cousins saying that they could make it out to lunch with us. They had called the night before and said they couldn’t make it, so I had assumed I would work the day through at MSA. However, this ended up not being the case. Instead, I got to share a great meal, humorous conversation, and weird waiter at the Olive Garden. It is nice to spend time with them. Despite the fact they live 5 miles from my house, I don’t see them all that often.

Of course it was then back to MSA where Dan surprised me by having all the work done. Well I shouldn’t say all… He forgot to plug the Gateway back into the hub so I would have internet access, but that was only minor…. He had all the major stuff done *sorry to nitpick Dan, but facts are facts hehe :-)*. His talents will soon, if they don’t already, exceed mine in the area of network management. Hopefully for awhile I’ll be able to maintain my programming lead :-). Yes Dan, you may take that as a compliment.

After my battle with the install of Linux, I was surprised to find it working to all the goals I really had for it that day. Tomorrow we tackle Samba. This should be a fun and exciting process. One that I have only done once. One that I hope I will never have to do again.

I then spent the rest of my evening with Jon, the kid who I am surpised not only that he fell off the roof, but that he has recovered so well and so fast from that fall. We hung out there, keeping each other company and enjoying the movie A Beautiful Mind.

Surprisingly, many people showed up during that time. When I arrived, Amber was already there, and of course Jon was as well. Then came Maria, Sarah, and Anders. They were 10 minutes late, but of course Amber and I had calculated their arrival time with that in it.

Then for the biggest surprise, a group that we did not expect to come come. Anna, Jenny, and Matt all showed up with these lizard like creatures. They were pretty strechy and of course….

I was surprised by how far they could strech. I must have pulled one of these 6 inch toys into a 6 foot monster. Amazing creature I tell you. If you are looking to buy one I am sure you can find one at Walgreens.

Of course you can’t forget the surprise of finding an interesting book. I was browsing the titles at the hospital when I came upon a book titled God’s Other Son. The title was the first thing that got my attention. Of course the first four words only helped, “God has two sons”. I made it through 3 pages where I discovered that God is a baptist, white, american, who works his son’s to death. He also mentions the amount of work his brother did (Jesus) and even goes as far as using both his brother’s name (again for those who didn’t catch it: Jesus) and father’s name (God) in vain. Now don’t become suprised yourself here. I did not believe any of this book after reading just 3 pages of it. I figure it was a satire with the same kind of language usage that The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy uses. Either way, it caught my attention and now I want to read it.

I guess my final surprise for tonight that I will mention here was the interaction between Amber and Jon. I suppose I shouldn’t talk about what I think about other people’s relationships, but what they have after two weeks ROCKS! I find myself wishing I had it or that I could find it. Perhaps, sometime in the future.

So now I am off my binding language of surprises. I guess that totals like 10 things that surprised me today. I am sure I could go even a little deeper with that, but I won’t. It is just 10 things about my day. 10 things for you to read. 10 things for me to write about. 10 things for you to think about and apply to my life as well as yours. Maybe you will find my life a surprise in yours.

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