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Twits from the week of 2011-01-02

  • Have the vikings ever found this many ways to make news in a season? Delay to tuesday due to snow… Season almost over… what's next? #
  • Next year, I think I may seriously consider giving gifts over the course of the 12 days of christmas… Might keep the world away longer. #
  • I may have to get a kinect to screw around with… Lightspace too… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx5kBqxyaHE #
  • Must have app for your ipad (it might be for the iphone too..): Flipboard http://www.flipboard.com #
  • @mmccue Would love it if flipboard had an api or way to "force" certain types of media into "certain" layouts… (with rss maybe) Love flip! #
  • @bschultzy Write it down, but don't read it. Keep it ~1 to 2 minutes long and from the heart. If you have a good *short* story, share it. in reply to bschultzy #
  • Gotta love prospective MSA parents registering their kids within 15 minutes of the new year… Happy new year everyone! #
  • @menssen Great use of set math… So what was the idea… just replace all the bad stuff? in reply to menssen #

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