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Flipboard + Bible = Solution

If you’ve seen me with my new iPad in the last few days, you’ve probably had me show you Flipboard.

Flipboard is a very cool app that takes tweeter messages (or facebook, or Google Reader RSS feeds) and turns them into a magazine. It does this by pulling in the messages, as well as the content the messages link to. It’s kind of like how twitter automatically pulls in content now if you view a tweet on their site, except laid out in magazine format.

And it’s amazing how much easier (and more fun), it is to follow news sources, or consume content, that is generated by your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you think of it like a real magazine… most people pick them up, browse for an article they like, consume it, and then put the magazine down. That exactly what flipboard does to facebook and twitter… It’s a much more… “real” experience.

One of it’s problems (although it’s not so much a problem with the app, more so a problem with people who post to facebook and twitter). Most of the feeds you could possibly turn into magazines are from people who don’t really share stuff online… IE: people who simply tell you they are happy or sad or disappointed about (or hate) the  Twilight movies. So I wanted to find a way to create a feed that would serve a purpose for people…

So I did.

One of my other goals this year is to start reading the bible again, cover to cover. It’s not about being a bible thumper, but more so about understanding what I believe, and why. I know my beliefs aren’t always what doctrine teaches, but I do at least want them to be scriptural to the best of my ability. Not everything in the bible (particularly in the old testament) applies thanks to the New Covenant… and not everything in the bible is a “law”, some of it is just rather good sound advice.  At least that’s what I believe… Regardless, it’s a good guidebook for life and spirituality.

So my brain went here: What if my Flipboard provided me daily content to consume from the bible, chapter by chapter. Sure, there were some people going through the bible doing this… but most just saying what they were reading that day, which doesn’t give Flipboard enough content to work with. So I put something together… A feed of my own that will post 1 bible story a day, complete with audio readings from YouTube, Highlighted verses, and occasionally some commentary (not by me).  I then made it available to the world (because that’s what I do):

It’s shalt be called: Flipboard Bible

I highly recommend checking it out, even if you don’t have flipboard… Might not be a bad thing to follow if your looking for a daily chapter of the bible to look into.

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