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Life’s Decisions

It’s been a rather long day.

As usual, I spent most of my day coding away. Nothing overly exciting about that. I felt my productivity drop off at about 3:30 yesterday, which made me mad… I really wanted to finish what I was working on before I had to go to church.

The evening was spent at Church. It’s always a great thing to get to see everyone. React was mainly about playing games with the kids, which was fun to watch. Also had a great conversation with Derek and Amber about the church and youth program. This was also the first time Derek truly learned that Amber was pregnant (actually he found out Christmas eve, but had yet to talk about it).

Amber and I started to discuss the future and our goals on the way home. As always, it’s hard to make everyone’s dreams come true, but we love each other, and we will love our child. We’ll find to make things work.

Amber kicked me out of bed because she couldn’t sleep, so here I am now in the kitchen working on my iPad program. I’m cutting a few programming corners and pieces of my syntax education in the interest of time. I basically just spent the last 2 hours though trying to figure out how to optimize large background images for frame rate… It’s weird, you would think it’s something the ipad/iphone can do without any issue… but yet, drawing an image that takes the whole screen does seem to create “some” framerate issues… I haven’t quite got it figured out, but maybe I will tomorrow night when Big Bang Theory is on…

Big Bang Theory is on tomorrow… That should make for a good day!