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Backdating Posts to Last Thursday

This post is being dated January 6th, and yet, I’m writing it on January 13th.

Why? Well, my goal was to try to diary most days on my blog this year… That means trying to write once a day about that day. My plan was to use my iPad to do it nightly before I went to sleep… and I still might… but I find there are things on the iPad more worth doing than blogging. Things like breaking boxes with Angry Birds, or watching the Pretender.

In any case, it’s a week later, and only vaguely remember what I did last thursday. I’m pretty sure it involved watching TV with my wife and playing on the iPad. Thursdays for me are all about watching the latest Big Bang Theory. I’m happy to report that CBS is now showing full epsidoes on their site as well, so if you’ve never seen it, CATCH UP.

I was fully entertained to find this Sheldon Rap on CBS’s site today… CBS doesn’t have the embed code, so if you want to see the high quality version, you’ll have to head here. But for those of you who are lazy, check out the youtube dubbing of it… Someday, I hope someone makes a rap like this out of me…. Maybe using a dubstep.

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