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An Afternoon of USAT

My typical friday routine of Computer Club at MSA was replaced today by United States Academic Triatholon.

USAT was always a highlight of my late elementary, early junior high years. Helping out at MSA the last few years has provided me a way to relive some of that. I typically run Oral faceoff, which generally gives me some extra time to interact with the teams. It’s amazing how little has changed with the program, and yet how much fun the kids seem to have.

I wonder if the trophy for my team is still at Middleton… probably not, but you never know… It’s not every year a school becomes a state champion afterall.

I do find one thing rather interesting though… I don’t see many Party in a Box videos on Youtube… You would think that someone would post videos from their team… Perhaps not though… maybe USAT doesn’t allow it?

The rest of my day was pretty standard… work in the morning, time with the wife in the evening.