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Raining Cousins without Parents

After spending most of my day fruitless working at MSA, I hopped in my car to go and spend some quality time with my cousins who are from North Dakota. I kind of misscheduled some things ealier this week so I thought tonight would be a good night to make up for it. So basically, I spent most of the night playing Monkey Ball and stealing cars with my cousins. Yes, these are both video games.

Overall, I had a great time. The rain didn’t help much with the driving, but it was good. My parents are gone for the weekend, however my sister is not. I don’t think I am going to try anything stupid (*Not that I ever would*). My friends however believe I should… Yeah right, they know I’m right and so they tease me about how I have to be a goody goody. Well it is fun either way.

That about sums up this rather short day. I don’t know what else to write so I will just say goodnight.

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