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What I want?

I realized I ask many people what they want from a relationship. This lead me to the realization that I never took the time to spell it out myself. Ironically enough, I decided that this list was more flexible than then Jello. This lead me to create the 75 things I think I want in a girl, but they don’t need to have or don’t need to be. As a matter of fact, when it comes right down to it, I think only 75 is the really really important one. There are some other ones on this list that take high priority, things like, she has to be a girl and have a relationship with God. But yeah, I will leave it at that and maybe let you read.

A girl that will listen to me

A girl that cares for me

A girl I care for and about

A girl I can listen to

A girl I can sit with

A girl I can talk with

A girl who will stand by me in a fight, even when IÂ’m so wrong I ought to be taken out and shot.

A girl who wont go telling people false things about me

A girl who I can take a walk with

A girl who is as beautiful on the inside as a glowing sunset

A girl that doesnÂ’t mind my inability to be physical right away

A girl that has faith in God

A girl that knows as long as we have faith in each other and in God, things will work out.

A girl that I can trust

A girl who wants to have a family

A girl who wants to have a house

A girl that will kiss me good morning just because she can

A girl that wont kiss me just because I want it (if I need it, thatÂ’s a different issue, and in which caseÂ…)

A girl that knows when I just need to be held, hugged, or kissed.

A girl who thinks I can protect her

A girl that thinks she can protect me

A girl that understands and enjoys the pleasures of my nerdy dependencies on technology

A girl that wont just sit on the sidelines when she can be in the game

A girl that helps others when they need it

A girl who knows money is not the solution.

A girl who wants to know how many hairs are on my head

A girl who thinks for herself

A girl that is not afraid to ask me for anything

A girl that is not afraid to talk to me about anything

A girl who knows why I do what I do

A girl who can be funny

A girl who understands it is ok to be confused, happy, or sad

A girl that canÂ’t beat me up just by hitting me

A girl that can play Tetris, they donÂ’t have to play well

A girl that reads this list and thinks that isnÂ’t them

A girl that gets along with my friends

A girl my friends get along with

A girl that my friends donÂ’t want to steal from me

A girl that doesnÂ’t want to date my friends

A girl that reads from time to time

A girl that doesnÂ’t mind PDA

A girl that understands that although I run around saying 42 is life, they know I know it is not.

A girl that doesnÂ’t need a fancy car

A girl that wouldnÂ’t mind having a fancy car

A girl that is not afraid of death

A girl that will have the kids bring me breakfast on fatherÂ’s day

A girl that I can bring breakfast to on motherÂ’s day

A girl that will forgive me if I forget her birthday or our anniversary

A girl that wants to do weird and new things neither of us have done.

A girl that wonÂ’t lie to me

A girl that can write from time to time

A girl that can be patient

A girl that is loyal

A girl that wants a dog

A girl that will DDR with me

A girl that thinks it would be ok to get married the second year of college.

A girl that doesnÂ’t mind being friends first

A girl that hunts down what I want

A girl that doesnÂ’t believe they fit my description

A girl that really doesnÂ’t fit this description

A girl that will grow with me, not away from

A girl (simple isnÂ’t it?)

A girl that is willing to risk anything for love

A girl that is willing to tell me she likes me

A girl that wonÂ’t force me to do something I donÂ’t want to

A girl that gets along with my family

A girl that likes my family

A girl who will agree that if the name fits, Naomi be the name of one (if any) of our baby girls

A girl that shares her pain with me

A girl that shares her hopes with me

A girl that learns with me

A girl that teaches me

A girl that isnÂ’t afraid of going against society

A girl who is full of a winning spirit

A girl who loves me, and that I love

So this is what I do at 1 in the morning. Man… to think… I should be asleep.

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