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Hello Again. As Always I am back with an update.
As you can see, my life is dull. Perhaps this would be a good time to explain my day.
I am a PSEO student. This means im 17 years old, a highschool junior, and I’m taking college classes.
As you can tell I am kind of nerdy (no JJ your a freak!, no im not IM BATMAN!). I am a christian.
I attend this church (www.woodburyluthern.org)
That is what I did tonight, after having dinner with my parents.
I am German. I am middle class.
I also belive I’m a world class Tetris player. Dont believe that one?
If you dont. You should probably email me and challenge me.
I might just hop on a plane to come and kick your… um yeah.
Well thats what I did today.
I went to school.
I went to dinner.
I went to church.
I played tetris.
I updated websites.
I didnt get a girl.

Mission Objective: Incomplete
Anyone know what the Objective is, if so please tell me.

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