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Rules to being sick

So, yesterday… I was sick. It’s a rare thing that it gets to the point where I am deemed “out of commission”. This time it seems I brought it on myself. To prevent people from making the same mistakes I did, please follow theses simple rules.

When you have a cold, stay home!
If you go out, there seems to be issues with it getting worse, and sometimes spread. This seems like common knowledge, but I never listen to it. If you don’t you risk it getting worse and turning into something like a sinus infection, a fever, or both!

When you have a fever, stay home. Again, seems obvious, but I didn’t do this either. It seems to have only caused the fever to get worse and well… Go up. 102.6 fevers are not fun. Either are 103.4 fevers. These high temperatures will be reached if you do not listen to me!

When you have a sinus infection, stay home! Anyone getting the idea here?

When your on medication, don’t overdose. This leads to poison control, and possibly really bad headaches. I am not sure I did this, but it was possible. I surrived and am now here to help you read my updates.

When your parents aren’t home, do as they would. Tell yourself to stay in bed, drink liquid, and sleep!

Did I mention sleep?

Vix’s Vaporub! yes, that stuff works!

Am I sure this is still on what to do when your sick, or was it what your supposed to do when your not sick? I dont remember… Watch TV… It seems like a good idea

Now that I have throughly lost the point of that entry, I think I will mention this: I am better now, I think, but will be spending the night working on the work I didn’t finish before I was sick, while I was sick, or even now…