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Random Blurbs on my Bittersweet Symphony

Justin rediscovered how much work he actually has to do. He forgot the thrills of PHP, HTML, Image Editing, and scripting. Yes, this was the life Justin came from. This is the life Justin is on his way to returning to. Right after he figures out how to secure this life for the thrills and enjoyment that he recieves from it. Maybe all he needs is balance. That might solve his problems. Everything in moderation they say! I wonder if that means sleep…

Ok, well Applebee’s is good. Girls are funny, woman even funnier. I’m not sure what I am saying about the people I was with, but I’m sure they will take some meaning from that statement and smile, or frown… Some of them are unpredictable, so you know, I don’t know what to expect.

After Applebee’s, it was time to work. While working, I thought. This is dangerous. People imed me with things like images. One of these images got me thinking.

That person of course can’t get mad at me for posting this because I am just getting my cheap revenge for him calling us (those who play DDR) bad names. He didn’t even try that game. Hence, more evidence towards the above picture. Oh well, I am sure all my friends will get a laugh out of this. Anyone got the picture of him and Bartlett, let me know….

I seem to be confusing people tonight. I keep rambling about being texted. That’s right people. Tonight, Justin got TEXTED! In other words: some guy by the name of Sim *(aka owner of The Onus) brought my guy to life. WOOT. Im a comic book um, something… Err… umm… see… umm.. ok enough with that…

*BBZBZZzzzzz* incoming message from the big giant head: You have a big day tommorow, please get some sleep before meeting with two employers. Thank you and have a nice day.

Now where was I. Yes, confusing people. Today’s list of people I may or may not have confused is rather short because I stayed home most of the day. Needless to say, the list probably looks like this: Nikki, Sim, Amber, Maria, Beth, Minsley, Parents, Sister, Myself, Justin, Myself, Justin, Dan, You, Myself, Justin, Dan, You, John, Alex, Myself, Justin, German girl who is plus7 hours or something like that (Kim), and Ben. Confused? So am I.

Nikki says food and DDR is bad. This translates to this peice of linux advice. Don’t pipe food to ddr. In other words: dont food|ddr. If you still dont like this, we could try it like this: food!=ddr. Got that? no… foodddr. What language do you enjoy?

I think I need a new logo. Maybe later… Rumor has it, She Fasdfn hates me is done downloading so I will go play it for awhile to recover a perfect mental state before going to bed! Woot! Night all.

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