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Owl City Lyrics

I rarely buy music.

That used to be a statement of how much I would download illegally… but after the great crash of 2003, I went legit… (which is somewhere in this blog I think). So my music almost exclusively purchased from Itunes, or are direct rips of my own personal CD collection.

So when I buy music, it’s normally a song that I want to hear on loop. Amber is the one that buys full CD’s.

Owl City is my exception.

I failed to realize they had a new CD on iTunes until today when I decided to check. I picked it up and so far, the lyrics are doing what they always do… making me somewhat somber but cheery.

Some say this Minnesota kid (bonus points) took his style from Postal Service and a few other groups… and that may be, but I like the Postal Service too.. so that’s ok.

What I do like is his constant use of nature metaphors. Most groups that become popular these days do it through party or sex driven lyrics… This guy seems to be doing it with nothing but nature metaphors. It’s very… child-like (in the good way).

On this particular CD… I especially like Galaxies… especially with the January 28th, 1986 intro. Honey and the Bee is also doing weird things to my brain… but not sure how to describe it…

Amber doesn’t like Owl City. “Everything sounds the same” she says… Which I guess that’s true… But that’s a good thing :-).




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  • Richard July 15, 2011, 11:45 pm

    Yup, Owl City's free song 2 years ago was his best move. He frequents my pandora list often. I should pick up the new album, I haven't purchased a new one in about 1.5 years.

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