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Gram Turns 80

Tonight we celebrated my Grandma’s 80 birthday. It was actually yesterday, but she had been traveling to the great state of North Dakota.

It was a great dinner. We talked about the impending baby. Grandma’s trip. The government. My cousin’s upcoming wedding. All sorts of wonderful conversation. Outback served us some great food.. But where they really surprised us was they picked up the tab. A party of 11, we had appetizers, dinner, etc… And at the end of the night, our server came over and said it was on the house. It was quite the surprise.

So consider this my giant endorsement of Woodbury’s Outback Steakhouse for all your dining pleasure. They really do make you feel like your family…

Also took a few pictures of the night.  Diane probably got some better ones :-).

Well, just a few more days till our little one arrives!

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