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With Just 5 hours until we go to the hospital to begin what will most likely be a rather big adventure, I felt I should post something completely off topic to convince you all that I’m still a kid.

A few months ago, MSA had me run (along with some help from some of the amazing students there) a giant video game tournament. As part of that tournament, the kids requested we setup a private MSA Minecraft server for them to play on. I honored that request (again with some help from Steve, Adeeb, and Peter).

When the tournament was over, they asked that I leave it running for the summer so they could have a place for just MSA people to build. I honored that request, despite the ongoing maintenance the server requires. I now have the server on a 3 hours reboot, just to make sure the world saves and doesn’t crash. Part of the problem is just how massive the world has become. We’ve had over 40 people log into this machine at some point in time. Many people who log in daily. With all the building and changes, it’s hard for our server to handle what is now a 2.5GB world (when loaded into ram).

I thought it would be cool to post the map of what has been built so far… Enjoy!

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