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A night well planned

Picked Nikki up from work and then off to Bowling. Yes, that should be my entire post. I figure I will go a little more into detail about this all just for the sake of YOUR pleasure, but realize, the first line covers most, if not all of the physical events that happenend tonight.

I bowled, well… Two games at 100, 2 games under, 1 over. Overall, not bad. I enjoyed throwing that ball like 100 times tonight. It was fun. I got to see most of my friends. I got plans for tommorow night. This makes all things good. That is unless, I didn’t want plans for tomorrow. I guess I will know then.

Friends are important. I enjoy my friends. I enjoy my life. Now if I could only work out a few of the minor details, it would all be set. Nothing to big, just a few. Friends of course help me do this, so thats good as well.

This post seems boring, so I am going to stop before it gets anymore boring. Justin… Boring… Um, This cant be good…

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