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The Family Gets Netflix

I always find it interesting when my family changes our entertainment habits. So here goes the latest round.

About 9 months after Amber and I got married, we made the decision to get rid of Comcast Cable Tv. There were a few reasons for it including:

  • They had just double our cable bill when the “triple play” went away.
  • I told Amber we could get the purple charger if we got rid of cable tv
  • (I felt) The amount of TV watching was affecting our marriage in a mostly negative way.

So we canceled our TV service and went to a hybrid solution of buying 1 or 2 TV on DVD’s a month and Hulu for everything else.

For the most part that worked great. Over-The-Air TV covered most of the live things we would want to watch, and TV on DVD was a great way to avoid all those commercials, and to do them at the pace we wanted.

Things changed with the birth of Link.

Amber is home more now, and has a lot of extra time while feeding him that seems to go by faster if she can watch something. Someone recommended to her that she get Netflix streaming for our Wii. I said, sure why not, and lets throw in the the 1-DVD package as well for a total of about $15.00 a month.

A few minutes later, we’ve got a few TV series queued on up the streaming (Way easier to do with the wii than it was with the laptop and hulu). We also put a few other TV series that were DVD only on our DVD list, and sure enough it was here almost the next day.

So far, I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten our monies worth out of it… Numerous episodes of American Pickers, Psych, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah-Montana, Jag… as well as some movies, etc. have already been watched…

Had we bought everything that’s been watched, it’d probably be in the 100’s of dollars…

Amber still says she’s going to buy the TV series that she watches over and over again (I think she’s on her 4th viewing of Grey’s Anatomy)… but I can say this for sure… Netflix has become the new staple around here, at least for now. If you have a device that supports it and makes it easy to use, I’d recommend at least trying it for a month (maybe cancel the Comcast TV for a month so you can get the triple play again the next month) and seeing how you like it.

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  • Amanda Kowalski August 17, 2011, 7:16 pm

    The NOOK or other e-reading device is also a great source of entertainment I wish I had had in the earlier months of my daughter's life. 🙂

  • Dave August 17, 2011, 7:22 pm

    Stargate SG1 – complete series is a must for TV on DVD, when you watch several a day you realize it is actually a Comedy for the most part….
    LOST is also pretty good when watched consecutively.