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Today was an interesting day. Not only did I start of late, everything I did today was to late.
First woke up 30 minutes to late. Not that it mattered, I am an efficient driver, and therefore alot for things like that.
I figure I wont do any homework today, which will in turn make it more than likely late when it actually comes time to do it.
I was also to late in making any moves on anyone I even remotely liked, if that was my intention at all in the first place.
At least one thing felt productive: I felt I may have come up with yet another insane theory on life.
What if humans are all the least evolved creatures on the planet?
Wouldn’t that mean that we’ve been going about this all wrong? Thinking that we need to be educated, trained, etc;
when really the animals have had it right all the time: its about relationships. Maybe instead of going to school for 12 years, you should spend those years seaking a significant other.
Even being trained on how to find a significant other. Its all very curious how animals go about doing it. Well enough of that theory. Ill let John take it from there.

Top 5 reasons to eat snow:
5. It looks like Ice Cream
4. It melts in your mouth and hand!
3. No two snow cakes are exactly the same
2. You know by looking at it where the snow has been before you eat it
1. 2000 Eskimos Can’t be wrong!

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