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Ok, im fried. Nothing is processing through my mind. This makes it hard to type this post… very hard. So yea, I suppose it makes sense then to start thinking. I realize however that logic is neither my strong suit, or proper, for me to be messing with right now.

I think I should start with summing up yesterday. Yesterday was fun. In the morning, John and I got books at the U of M. Parking was free because of the state fair. We found most of my books after hitting up 3 book stores, and I got a new U-Card to replace the one I lost sometime a few months ago. I bet I could probably use this journal thingy to help me find it, because I bet that I made a post when I lost it… Maybe not…

After that, it was off to flying with my grandpa. We took out a plane that had been repaired after a bad crash it’s second flight. The thing flys so nice if you don’t mess around with the turbo rates. If you turn them on, you can do some pretty cool tricks, but the plane then has the ability to stall itself very easily. To solve this, you either fly really high in the sky with them on, or you fly with them off. Needless to say, I did a little of both. Happily, it didn’t hit the ground improperly. Rain caused us to stop and then it was back to my house to make plans with Nikki, Sim, and friends for the night.

Plans began to fall through when no one could solidify anything… So I left and just went and got Nikki hoping that plans would fall together. Nikki and I ended up at TGIF’s eating dinner and Sim off with his family. Our cellphone lists proved useless as well because everyone was either not home or not answering. So after dinner, it was off to Sim‘s.

I got my first attempt at really trying to play guitar at Sim‘s. Needless to say: I suck. So we got some pop, left, and went to drive-in.

John met us there, we saw XXX, Austin Powers, and Scooby Doo. It was fun. Then we all went home and slept.

Now I suppose I am onto today. I am tired. I spent 8+ hours at MSa working with machines I’m slowly finding out I don’t like all that much when they don’t work properly. I am falling behind on a million other things again. I am also complaining. This is a good sign. At least I’m talking right? Now I am home, and what am I doing? Sitting… I think the fact that I didn’t sleep well last night isn’t helping. I don’t think the fact that I am neglecting work is helping either. I don’t think the depressing music playing on my MP3 player is helping either. It’s friday. I have 3 days before school… It’s slowly ending. But ending non the less. I suppose it was bound to right?

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