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Two days in one…

Today feels like it was two completely different days. I suppose I haven’t written a really good post in at least a few days so I guess I will start here and write. Let’s clarify some earlier events that happened today.

The first thing that happened to me after waking up this morning was getting grounded. It had something to do with me staying up way to late and not going to church in the morning. It also had something to do with my dad having a headance and over-reacting. Either way, I spent the morning discussing in a mostly civilized manor just what it was my parents were putting me through this weekend. Just to list them off, they effectively kept me home on a saturday night, they grounded me bright and early sunday morning, and they called my best friend because they didn’t believe me. This combo was not very good for their record in one weekend.

Needless to say: by 1 this afternoon, the grounding was lifted and I was free to go about my day. Of course, I had spent all morning arguing that I failed to make any good plans. It also ruined any plans I had for today such as the state fair, valley fair, or school shopping. Needless to say, I got non of it done. My family then left me to go someplace and I stayed home.

This is where the day somehow gets seperated. I think I know what seperated it.. It was either a change in state of mind, change in attitude, or an action that I committed. I don’t know… I am leaning towards a change in attitude as opposed to just going outside. Well that’s what I did. I went outside and washed my car and cooler.

While doing this, Ben and Mike stopped by. They helped me remove the dash from my car and install the pre-outs on my car stereo. This finally takes me one step closer to having my subwoofer back in my car. I then leave my car there and go for a ride with Ben and Mike. Of course then it rains. This ruins anything I effectively did to wash my car and makes the point of it almost null.

Either way, when I got back in the house I found the plan was to go to Damon’s then a movie at Beth‘s. This of course was better than nothing so I went. Sim, Nikki, Beth, Rob, John, PK, Mel, and myself all got in our cars and went over to Beth‘s. There we seperated into one group of 7 and a group of 1. 1 played DDR, the rest watched a movie. Any guesses as to who the isolationist was?

The strange thing was, that I had way to much energy. Maybe it was from being here all day. Either way, I played DDR by myself for awhile until Rob, PK, and Beth came and ruined my practice time *hehe*. Either way, much fun. By the time I was done and wanted to leave, I was all worn out again. It feels good to play the game again.

I got to take Mel home tonight. Always interesting and fun to talk about each others lives a little and catch up on what our parents might be plotting behind our backs. This is why I guess I consider Sim a brother and Mel a sister, even though I rarely ever call either of them that because it would sound weird and just confuse me and other people.

There are some nice storms moving in, a message for me on the answering machine, and lots of work to be done at MSA later today. I think because of that I will be sleeping here shortly. One of these posts I will unleash the new Advanced Graphing System. It might be kinda fun you know! Shout to to Amber who gave me a shout out tonight about her nearing job at Damon’s. I’ll also give a shout out to Maria who is online but not talking to me… Maybe I should say something, not that I actually want to talk to her :-p.

Less than 48 hours till school starts back up. Everyone ready for one big cheer?!!?!?!? no?! didn’t think so…