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System must reboot to complete changes.

Spent most of the day working at MSA. I guess thats the first thing I did when I woke up this morning. I am trying to remember if I updated last night, and it looks like I did. That’s good.

MSA is almost running. They are running well enough to handle people tommorow. There will be a few inconviences because we still have a list of like 12 things that need doing, but they will get done.

That reminds me, I need to redesign their website here shortly. That should be a thrill a minute. They want this site that is so simple to work with that all the teachers can update it. This basically means: Total php calenders, events, schedules, administration, and users. It should be a challenge to code, and a good time waster.

I get to go to work again in like an hour. What fun. I love working for individuals more than schools anyway. Hopefully that will be done by 9. Then I plan to come home and begin the next phase of my life.

To translate: I plan on recoding my life. That make sense to anyone besides me? Actually, I am going to try to run with the same code I have had for some time. It has served me pretty well. I am just going to reset all the variables. Things like what time I think I should go to bed, what time I should wake up, and what I should do with my time inbetween. If I succeed, it will mean less AIM, less time with friends, more time doing homework, more time coding, more time sleeping, and more time with my family. To accomplish this I need to reset my goals as well. Perhaps I will talk to Alex about this one. He seems to be a pretty focused person.

Well, I suppose I better go get ready for phase two of work for today. I wonder if I can get updates to this site to start being like 3 or 4 times a day again with meaningful information and thoughts… Then again, that would mean I would have to become smart again, and as I told Punty: I am just not capable of doing something quite so drastic with changes in my own coding.


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