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One more wink…

Well that was it… That was the end of my entire 3-week summer vacation. I must say that this summer ranks up there amoung some of my best. Maybe that’s because its the only one I can remember… Stupid safety systems…

I thought I would point out one other interesting thing that I noticed today: it doesn’t matter to me much today. I kept using the term “oh well” over and over again… here lets make a unsorted list to show you what I’m talking about…

MSA isn’t quite finished: Oh well
It will take 8 hours for my computer to finish this: oh well
Code isn’t done for that Advanced graphing system: oh well
Didn’t accomplish much this summer: oh well
I ate to much at dinner: oh well
I didn’t get school supplies or clothes: oh well
I am 45 IQ points dumber now than I was 2 years ago: oh well.
I haven’t applied for any colleges: oh well
My car’s subwoofer isn’t working: oh well.
I don’t have a girlfriend: oh well
I can’t beat paranoia on maniac: oh well
I don’t have any CSCI classes this semester: oh well
My room is a mess: oh well
I have no spare time for the next 6 months: oh well
My summer is over: oh well
I peaked out at 38 buddies online tonight at 9:42: oh well.
Only 3 of them are talking to me: oh well
I forgot to call my cousin’s about tommorow and email shruti. One of which I corrected: oh well
I complained my @$$ off in this post: oh well
It was kinda fun: oh well

Oh one more cool thing about tonight: Pump It Up Music!!.