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A logical post

Let’s start this entry with the really interesting theory that popped into my head. What if the reason for the increase in sex, drugs, violence, and every other bad thing that has increased amoung highschoolers in the last 100 years is due not to TV, but to lack of sleep. This rise in the increase of bad things can be seen in the direct relationship of loss of sleep over time.

We can take this one step further. People have been blaiming TV for all the problems. They said it gives us weird ideas and teaches us poor things. I believe Vinn Diesal said it best when he said, “It’s the only education we got.” Well, tv has become such an important learning tool, that many of us spend much of our hours that we should be sleeping, watching it. Logically, not only do we become more prone to believe the things we hear on tv later at night, but we have also lost sleep that helps us to control our behaviour and learn what we are supposed to learn.

More evidence can be seen in college students and adults. For the most part college students have more control over thier lives than high school students. Their classes also start at least an hour or two later than most highschools. This means at least an hour or two more of sleep. Adults on the other hand have found reasons to go to bed early. They have learned that they function better with sleep. It is the highschoolers that are suffering from this poor time scheduling and because of that, we make everyone suffer.

Now with that realization in place, why don’t all the really cool adults move highschool back to like 10:00 and let us have some sleep. With school now startings, we don’t want to be awake… Really, we don’t. It’s almost as if we are nocternal creatures and want to sleep all day! So there is my blurb on why society has become so corrupt. It’s because stupid people make stupid highschoolers become edumackated to early in the morning. Catch that? good?

This is the point where we go from cool realizations to the actual events of today. I discovered that with my Tuesday/Thursday schedule, there is no time to update this page between classes. That kind of bites because I was hoping to get this up to 4 updates a day with some really insightful stuff from some of my classes. This brought me to the idea of putting my notes online. The problem with doing that is that I didn’t make the notes originally and I suppose that means I could get sued or something. It’s almost like all those profiles I have that I didn’t lable with authors. Hopefully though someone will tell me who said them first so that I can give them proper credit.

I had 3 classes today for the first time in 3 weeks. 3 times I was given syallabi. 3 times I got up and left very tired. That’s all I have to say about day 1. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

I then went to my next job where I worked for donuts. Rumor has it now they have a ‘tab’ for me at the bakery so that I can just show up and buy some donuts. Thats cool, I think I need to gain some weight though… Something about pants not fitting right… Maybe I will just lose some so I can fit into one of those society acceptable sizes. Thats it…

Speaking of clothes, I went shopping for school clothes *finally* with Nikki. As she points out in her diary we got 4 outfits. Of course they are almost completely mix and matchable so thats like 16 different combos. That works out nice if I do laundry. I think I will just have to go spend the rest of my budget on some more outfits once cooler places like Pac Sun and AE have colors I can wear. Speaking of which, I got a somewhat red shirt… Cool!

We spent the rest of the night at Beth‘s talking about school, life, and stuff. I even got to model my new clothes. Beth apparently likes my @$$ cause she made me shake it *sorry Rob*. Then again, I could just be being used as a piece of meat. I hope I’m meat. That’s so much easier than a piece of @$$.

Now onto tommorow where I will harrass a professor, go to class, sleep, do homework, update this site, maybe see some friends if time, and um work on the AGS. All I really need to get that next step done is like 200 smileys. This could take awhile.

Dream well all other people.

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