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Day 2.. Um

I had something really profound to write in here tonight. It was really controversial as well. I came up with it sometime this afternoon, I think during the drive home. The problem with this is that I forgot what it was and didn’t write it when I thought it. Now all I remember thinking on the way home is how I am going to embarrass myself so badly doing Wonderboy at starlight. I figure I need a suit, portable microphone, a fog generator, and um… something that will ruin all cameras.

AGS is underway. Websites are underway. Work is underway. Things are underway. Always underway am I. Why don’t I ever just stop. I blaim society for this. I should be allowed to just stop and let no one care. But no… if I stop for anything more than 5 minutes, I realize what I am not getting done and start beating myself up over stuff that others have asked me to do that I don’t have done. Not only that, I have this homework stuff to neglect with all my might! What is society trying to do to me?!

Mario Sunshine is relaxing. It feels good to do some community service.. Now if I could only find those 6 coins…

Yeah, um, thats it for this post. Fun boring, whatever the case. Have a nice night.

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