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Ok… so the last two days

Let’s see if I can make up for this lack of posts about life. Friday I spent the morning at MSA. I got to work with Chris again from CIT. We accomplished a good amount of stuff and hopefully resolved many of the problems we have been having with the migration over to XP. Either way, enough with this technical stuff…

After work, it was off to flying with my gramps. We took 4 planes and came back with 3. Needless to say, thats not a very good record. The first plane didn’t even get put together. The battery was dead so we couldn’t fly it. The second plane was my reliable Eagle II. For the first time in 4 years, something went wrong while flying the plane. I tried to make a left turn and it just wouldn’t go. I finally realized that my wing flaps (ailerons) were not working so I used the rudder instead. I got the plane down with a soft landing so all was good. The plane was deemed unflyable however because it had no ailerons. So we loaded that back up. Next down was my Cap-32. It was again the planes second flight and somehow, I got it upside down. It got away from me and I knew I was in trouble. So I cut back the throttle and tried to get out of it.. When I did, I realized that I was a) very very far away and b) not moving very fast because I cut back the throttle. By the time I realized this… To late.. Smack. Luckily I didn’t smack the ground… Instead my wing clipped a power line and snagged the plane. It did a nice loop and then came down to land in the high grass. Lucky for me, the plane suffered only a minor hole where the wire had hit. I am amazed by how strong those wires are. The forth plane flew fine but needs slight repairs on one of it’s wheels. Man, either I have become a lowsy pilot or these planes just couldn’t take the nice weather.

After flying it was time to clean so all my friends could come over. Jerimiah, Nikki, Sim, and John joined up and we had a fun movie night. It was continued today by a swim party over at Nikki‘s. This was like the first time we have ever legally done stuff at Nikki‘s so it was pretty cool. We even got one of her little brothers to DDR. Needless to say: it was much fun. Now if I can only remember that her mom’s name is LeAnn or Lee Ann.. not sure which… I bet the first… I will be ok. Afterwards, the group I was with at Nikki‘s *Beth, Rob, PK, and Nikki* split up and went our seperate ways. Nikki and I ended up coming back here and watching Office space. She effectively destroyed my couch by putting a hole in it as well as causing pillows to go everywhere. 🙂 maybe some of that was my fault. Either way: there was some really sick joke about yo-yos, but I forgot it because I am tired.

Church is tommorow. I really should go. I will go. That’s all there is to it. Just have to wake up. Such a challenge. Today has been a good day. Now if I could only figure out where this headache came from…

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