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Not sure why I am updating

Well it turns out I am going to like mondays. No class till 2 in the afternoon so I can go to MSA and work, stay home, jump in circles… Heck I could just sleep! Sorry to rub it in to all the people who read this that have to wake up at 8 in the morning. You have my sympathy 3 days a week.

I spent my morning working at MSA with websites and such. This is why I don’t really see this point in me posting right now… I should instead be getting ready to head out to the U for a little bit of that lecture stuff. Oh well, what can you do.

Came home for lunch and chatted with Miss Beth. Always a pleasure to talk about her life and see what is going on. I guess two people I know are sick, Beth and Sim… Some people would jump to conclusions at this point. Others would realize Sim is actually sick and has been out of town the last 48 hours, where as beth is half-@$$ed sick and hasn’t been near sim. I suppose you could all go read Beth‘s diary. She might enjoy that.

I feel like I wrote something last night of importance… I don’t remember what it was, but I know it was going to go on this website. I figure I will find it later and let you know what it was. I also have begun my campaign to get my computer to work properly. Hopefully by the end of the day, it will be recording my video and such for me so I can put it on CD or MP3 and listen to it in my car… Yes I know that’s sad. What is even sadder is that I didn’t mention what I wanted to put on MP3 or CD. Well to make the long story short, a certain BMW episode. Why I like that one so much, who knows… Maybe because it’s how I imagine myself actually succeeding. But that isn’t possible. Either way, back to the blurb of not so random insights.

After this post, I will head to the U of M then probably to a fashion show. I have no need to come home. No desire to come home. No homework to really concern myself with except a brief 1 page thingy on that book by Plato that I read yesterday. For all those hot chicks wondering if my awsome bod is going to be in this fashion show… I have to say no… Even if I was in the fashion show, I would still have to say no because I don’t have an awsome bod or chicks wondering. Oh yes, overanalysing the things I say. I can’t even spell what I do. Oh well… A new logo will be up tonight. If you want to know a secret about it, here it is: It actually says 3 things. Good luck and have a nice day.

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