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Christmas Is Coming

It has been awhile since I have taken the time to write here. Much has happened over the summer, most of which you could label as “busy”.

I haven’t given up on my home automation dreams, in fact, my latest improvement was moving the Raspberry Pi out of my office and into the basement. There it continues to collect data, and powers my bitcoin miner (which also doubles as a space heater).

In terms of other things I wish to automate going forward… I really want to get to the point where I have my home’s Christmas lights do cool things. That said, I don’t have $1000’s of dollars to spend just yet, so I’m going to take it year by year I guess to make it happen. This year, I focused on getting the trim decked out with some new LED lighting.

The biggest issue I’ve run into though is electricity… For some strange reason, there are no outlets on the outside of our house. At least, non that are useful. Next summer, I’ll need to look into changing that. I’ll try to do it with the goal in mind of being able to run lots of cable (not just electrical) to my future winter scenes.

I’m also kind of wondering what my neighbor’s do for Christmas. This being the first year in our home, and the first year I’ve been able to decorate, I’m kind of concerned that I may eventually do “to much” (is there such a thing)?

In other news: Link continues to get older. Ellie seems to as well, but I swear not as fast as it went with Link. I feel like Link could be starting 1st grade any day now (okay, maybe not). Being a father is a new challenge every day. But it’s one I am very much enjoying.