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I think people are mad at me. They aren’t talking to me. Maybe I’m just not a fun and interesting person to talk to. Both could be possible. Both could be false.
Today, however, was a day of service. I started off by supporting and helping my favorite younger than me people, the MSA Robotics teams, at the state meet.
It’s nice to know they yet again walked away with a trophy of some sort. I then spent the next 6 hours putting the finishing touches on another webpage in hopes that it might look good.
Well it didn’t but it works, so the effort wasn’t all wasted. Other news: None!

5 Reasons to Work for Radio Shack
5. You get a discount on all them cool components.
4. You get to know the unibomber before the FBI does.
3. You get to drive RC Cars around the store all day.
2. Its better than working for Al’s Burger Shack
1. Youve got all the answers, instead of the questions.

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