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What is with today?

This is going to be one of those posts where it sounds like I have had a really bad day. However, in reality, I am feeling really good about myself, life, the universe, and quite possibly, everything. I mean, it’s not like a 10 day, but it’s good enough to be a steady 8. Let’s just summerize today and see where it gets you in your own life.

I woke up this morning with little to no issue. I left my Plato book here, but as it turns out I didn’t need it. For the most part the morning was pretty eventless. I took an extra 15 minutes to walk to class and enjoy the weather. This almost caused me another problem, this one I don’t want to mention.

Econ was pretty uneventful. Lecture almost put me to sleep. If it wasn’t for the extra credit I have to do sometime in the next 12 hours, I would be really happy. To the same degree, Political Science also put me to sleep. These two classes back to back are good for my sleeping habbits, but not for my gaining of knowledge.

It was then off to classic Lit. We talked about Plato and Little Red Riding Hood. I am not fully sure why this got its own paragraph. I figure it has something to do with it being the end of the day. Either that or I already updated today with what I did this morning so I didn’t feel like going so indepth. So here is my conclusion on this paragraph. I got in a car to go home.

This is where my day went from a steady 55 mph to a blazing 90mph. Lunch lasted 15 minutes, I darted off to church where they had a plethorah of things for me to do. Tried to fill out a form that had more information about my life on it than I care to keep memorized. I then darted off to MSA to answer all the calls that I had on voicemail before tommorow started. This took me to 7:00pm when I then darted home to eat pizza as fast as I could. It was then back out and about to go see Nikki and whoever else would join up.

Needless to say, no one else joined up. Nikki and I enjoyed a brief conversation about 9/11 tommorow and about car keys. It was rather entertaining despite its short lived life. She decided she needed to spend time with family, so I decided to go play the new 5th mix DDR machine at our local theature.

In I walk, I find out, I have no money. So lets use the ATM. It wont take my card. This is always a bad sign. I finally get my 20 bucks out of the machine and get it broken by the local teller. I then walk in to buy 5 dollars worth of tokens to play my 5 games and get out of there. Up to the DDR machine I go only to find that it only takes 1 dollar bills. So now I have 5 dollars worth of tokens for the arcade. This disturbed me, but I pulled out a 1 dollar bill and put it in the machine to play a game. This is where things just happened to go from bad to worse. The machine started up, but there was no music. When I loaded a song, there was no music or arrows. This brought my total gameplay time to about 1 minutes. Just enough time to clear all the levels without doing anything. This was my clue to go home and get on with what you need to do.

I should mention just to add to the sympathy my readers are now giving me, that my headlight burnt out, im low on gas, I haven’t had a donut, im behind in web work, and school just wears me down.

Ok so enough of that. Let’s talk about something a little more less depressing than the amount of time I wasted with things that normally frustrate me. Someone said that tommorow we are all going to die. I shrugged it off for the most part, but I guess it scares me that people even think that. What scares me more is that I can actually walk down the logical path of how someone could destroy the earth. This would take some doing and you probably wouldnt succeed in the long run, but still… It’s scary.

This brought up the topic of what you would do if you knew you were going to die shortly. I know exactly what I would want to do. I would want to sit with love. It could be family, friend, or something else. Just that I know it’s someone I love, and that loves me back. I would also probably admit to a lot of the bad things I’ve done to some people. I can only think of one thing off hand, but it isn’t worth mentioning because it is only bad to me, and it is only hurting me, so in the long run.. I’m not concerned with it.

I suppose I should sleep soon. I suppose I have work to do. I suppose I should wake up early. I suppose I should think less, do more.

Tommorow will be an interesting day. I won’t be at the orthodontist like 9/11. I will however be home, watching to make sure that they don’t go canceling my classes on me without someone telling me. Now if I could only get on my game… I might be able to accomplish something.

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