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Is this a pattern?

I’m not really in the mood to talk about my day today, but I will list the events and then start some chatting towards the end about something. I am not sure what just yet.

Woke up and did some extra credit Econ for an hour. This just about made me late, but thanks to some gas in the garage and the U of M bus system, I got there we 3 minutes to spare. The real question is how many points of extra credit did I get, and how many will I need?

After Econ, it was off to that human chemistry physiology class. I don’t know what its name is, but it sounds cool. We played with blood there. Apparently blood goes boom in .3 osmolar stuff. I am not sure if I got it all in my head yet… Maybe I should read the book…

Home was next, spent an hour here eating, chatting, walking around the house. This was the point of the day where I should have been doing something, I just don’t know what.

Some friends then called me up to help fix their awsome new computer. Very cool… Very cool… I want it… :-). Ok, then it was off to fix computers at MSA.

After that, I finished my night with a short but always good chat with Nikki. This seems like a good way to keep summer close, but far. I suppose it will stop either when we run out of paper, or when it gets to cold to be outside.

I came home and updated this site. I should have also slept and updated some other sites. Hopefully I did.

Ok.. um let me find something to be creative about down here so that people want to read this part of the post. Let’s take for example the first 20 pages of Shakespeare’s Tempest. Supposidly this book is one of the greatest ever written. You can tell this because the words are old, the language is confusing, the wordplay is complex, and the characters aren’t really all that evil. This is what makes a good book, at least according to society.

Personally, I like these diary thingys better. Over time, they offer more insight into the characters and players of the story. They allow you to see character developement, complex plot, and amazing setting. You can see just how insane a character can be in certain situations. So why is it then that my online journal hasn’t become a great work of fiction.

Well we have one really obvious answer to this and a few less obvious ones. The obvious answer is that it isn’t fiction, no matter how much I want it to be. Why would I want my life to be fiction? Because it’s easier to dream in digital. Ok, forget that last sentence. I guess maybe because I think it is me writing the story. It has my spin on it. For example, if Sim was writing my daily entries it might sound like, “He failed to accomplish anything today and complained about it to me.” This third person perspective on my life might be interesting. This is my motivation behind adding the ability for people to post. However, this is work, and I don’t enjoy that much right now.

The less obvious reasons this isn’t some renouned piece of literature is that I haven’t got people teaching it in a class, buying it, or wanting to really read it. I figure that 9/10 people only read this site once because they accidently found it while searching for Dr. Pepper online. I know to some of you this won’t make any logical sense, but for those of you who see the title on my page and search for me on google, you’ll see what I am talking about.

Well this post has gone effectively no-where now. Maybe it was insightful to you, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe you should cling to my every word…








Minor note: my heart goes out to all those people that are still morning 9/11. It truely is amazing what one attack can do to a country. I thought I would ask, how many people won the New York lottery today? The numbers were 911… Ironic…