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Windows 10 Adventure Part 2 – 5 Days With a New OS

So I wasn’t sure I’d write a part 2, but so far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how smooth windows 10 has been for me since the clean install.  Here’s a quick synopsis of what I’ve found so far:

1) I like the faster boot ups. Windows 8 was faster than Windows 7 when it came to booting. Windows 10 seems to be just a tad bit faster yet.  Given that my motherboard’s POST cycle bootup is about 30 seconds on it’s own (Raid cards take a bit to boot), having windows only take 5 to 10 seconds to get up is a nice thing to have for those times I need to scramble to get back into a game or webinar.

2) It’s stable. I didn’t have very many stability issues with Windows 7, but Windows 10 seems to be just as stable on my machine. That’s a good thing. It doesn’t seem to have the hiccups that Windows Vista brought when I first upgraded to it.

3) Some of the new features are rather nice… The ability to record a game without needing my nVidia recorder, or Bandicam is kind of interesting. Quality seems good. Gaming also seemed to magically work over RDP, which was something that never seemed to work very well in Windows 7.

Cortana is also very interesting. I have her setup to respond, but she doesn’t quite do some of things that might be able to save me some time… For example, I would love to be able to say “Start Warcraft” and have it open… However, program shortcuts don’t really seem to work yet. If they get Cortana working as well as Siri or Alexa, I could get used to talking to her.

I haven’t made use of much else that is truely “new”. I probably won’t use the multi-desktop stuff. Some of the legacy windows 8 menus are still getting in my way, but it’s not that bad. I did have to disable some notification sounds to get my computer to stop beeping every 10 seconds.

All in all though, I would consider this one of the most successful OS upgrades I’ve had, minus the day 1 difficulties I had with drivers and getting it installed.