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The Justin College Football Playoff Model Change

Everyone thinks the CFP playoff is broken again. Part of its brokenness is the inability for the NCAA to come up with a system that removes subjectiveness. Unlike the NFL though, the NCAA has 130 teams to track, across numerous divisions of different size and shape. It’s a bit more complex. That said, there are a lot of people calling for an 8 game playoff instead of the 4 game we have now. I agree, and here is what I believe the system should be:

8 Team Playoff
5 Teams would be power 5 conference champs
3 Spots by record (after removing conference champs)
If there is a tie in record, average the AP and Coaches pole(s).
Seed By Record First, Ranking Second.

Why this would be fair:
1 – The conference champs should represent the best of their branch. They effectively give us a tournament of 13 teams, just 3 teams are getting byes based on record.
2 – In theory, an undefeated team, regardless of schedule, will always get in, unless there are more than 3 undefeated teams (extremely extremely rare, and conference championships would like solve this).
3 – It would reduce subjectiveness to a tie-breaker.

There’s my view… And Congrats UCF and Scott Fross on a perfect season. You deserve a shot at the title… no matter what anyone says.

Oh, and Happy New Year Everyone!