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Summertime Begins – And So Does Minecraft With Dad

School’s out for summer, which with my kids means we give them a slightly later bedtime. It allows for more late night activities like bon fires, etc. and helps keep them on a more regular schedule through vacations.

With summer though also comes one of the most rewarding things for me with my children – “Minecraft with Dad”. Last summer, sort of by accident, I asked Link if he wanted to stream with me. At the time, I had been on a kick of streaming Overwatch I think, and he had somehow caught onto it. He said yes, and for an evening, we streamed Minecraft together. People started watching and playing with us, which was fun.

We did that pretty much all summer long… First on a self hosted world, then as we grew, we improved both our setup, as well as moved to a realm. But it was fun to see Link get involved with it. Eloise eventually joined us… and by the end of the summer, we had gone for almost 50 episodes of playing together.

So when this summer rolled around, Link was asking “When are we going to do Minecraft with Dad again?”… and this time, so was his sister. We started up again on Saturday on a new world and within minutes we had all of our old friends back again. If you want to check it out, go follow

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