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Disney Goals

Journaling my thoughts on a daily basis has long gone by the wayside, as many people who used to read this regularly know. Tumbledry may be the last of group of blogs from the blogging cohort of the 2000’s.

But It’s something I should do more of. And I will keep starting every post like this until it probably becomes a reality.

Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a Goal-driven kick. Some of the goals have been entirely silly, some have had unexpected outcomes. Others seem to be driving me towards something. Let’s take one of the current in progress larger goals and document it’s progress so far:

Goal: Set foot in Walt Disney World park a total of 30 days from June 21, 2019 to June 21nd, 2020.

Progress: I’ve been in at least 1 park a total of 20 days:

  • 1 – June 21 – Hollywood Studios – Got into the park, a picture taken, and back out, before my mom got into the park, which lead to some hilarity. Also – Disney springs/Boardwalk meals.
  • 2 – June 22 – Magic Kingdom – Part of Micro Goal “Be in the park by myself”.
  • 3 – June 23 – Epcot – Another round of be alone in the park. Great Breakfast at the land!
  • 4 – June 24 – Hollywood Studios – Dining in cars for the first time.
  • 5 – June 25 – Animal Kingdom – Just for the breakfast empty park to complete the micro goal.
  • 6 – June 26 – Magic Kingdom Date Night!
  • 7 – June 27 – Magic Kindom – Dress and then Villians Night! Villians = Awesome.
  • 8 – June 28 – Hollywood + Animal Kingdom – Met our Star Wars Catina Hero, Plus Eloise’s dress glows with the night show.
  • 9 – June 29 – Magic Kingdom – Played the card game with Link… all day long…
  • 10 – October 31st – Epcot – Dad and I do a little food and wine after a long drive.
  • 11 – November 1st – Magic Kingdom – Dad and I check out the remaining Halloween decorations.
  • 12 – November 4th – Epcot + Hollywood Studios to see Galaxy’s Edge.
  • 13 – November 5th – Magic Kingdom – Justin getting photos of the kids photos.
  • 14 – November 6th – Epcot + Magic Kingdom – Beat the card game again.
  • 15 – November 7th – Hollywood Studios – Filming the Disney Christmas Specials with Pentatonix.
  • 16 – November 8th – Magic Kingdom + Epcot – Riding the rides Amber won’t, followed by Amber arriving for our vacation.
  • 17 – November 9th – Hollywood Studios – Lightsaber debates (I didn’t get one). Seeing Frozen multiple times for the multiplyth time with my wife.
  • 18 – November 10th – Animal Kingdom – Amber and I see the Christmas lights in Dinoland for the first time.
  • 19 – November 11th – Magic Kingdom – Amber and I spend 18 hours in the park celebrating Christmas (8:45AM to 12:45AM)
  • 20 – November 12th – Magic Kingdom – Saying Goodbye to the parks one more time before Amber and I have to catch a flight home.

So I just need to find 10 more days in the park in the next 218 days. Doable.

The best part is bringing the magic home… This weekend, that meant putting up as many Christmas lights as I could.

There are a whole bunch of micro goals I have on these trips… and I always come home with a dozen stories it seems. I think the real question is: when can we do this again.