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Is it just me, or are these posts getting weirder?

I think I need to post more often earlier in the day. My ability to process complex logical algorithims involving human emitions, chemical imbalances, and elongated words are just to garbled to make what I say worth reading. Plus, I think there is Kool-Aid™ coming out my ears…

I’ve discoved the extra 50 cents for playing Dance Dance Revoltion™ at Carmike doesnt really add that much to the cost of a trip to the arcade. When I go to Mapplewood, I spend 5 dollars on tokens, get 3 games, some random other things, and spend 2 dollars on pop. when I go to carmike, I spend 2 dollars on pop, spend 5-10 dollars on tokens and play 5-10 games, and well… have a good time… So, I’m thinking Carmike might be a very big new danger to me. If I keep going there, I will be broke in roughly….. um… math… to hard… I predict… very… soon…

Someone needs to remind me I have a few things that need to get put in my car. All of them are sitting right in front of me. Mr. Burns will get plastered to my dash or hood *depends on my mood* for the amusement of Nikki‘s siblings. Why I think they will find it funny, I don’t know. I’m not sure why they seem to like my car, yo-yo, stereo, Mario Sunshine™ skills, cb, pa, and tv interesting. I’m not sure why I feel the need to continue giving them things to be amused with. Either way, they are cool and get what might actually be their first mention in this journal thingy.

I was going to code, but the adrenline is wearing off from the game(s) of DDR. I think instead I will state the second thing going into my car and make it something you can read… I have a new MP3 disk to put in my car. I would show you what is on it, but it is still burning. So instead I will fight the good fight and sleep.

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