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2 Years

2 years ago today, the pandemic officially started for me. We had just gotten home from Disney. Today, much like then, I have just gotten home from Disney, and while not everything has returned to normal yet, it’s getting closer and closer every day.

There are a number of things I could reflect on over these last 2 years.

I could talk about how I have streamed on http://twitch.tv/jjdb210 every single day since then… No matter where I was. that has been an experience. I have gotten to know a lot of cool people online. The group has turned into a community of sorts on Discord. It’s nice to know, that even when we are stuck at home, there are people out there to communicate with. It’s also been nice to be able to document my life in a way that way.

I could talk about the Disney trips I’ve taken since the pandemic started… I’ve had at least 3 now since then… 1 in November to see Christmas again with the family. 1 with Cheppy, which was an epic tour of all 4 parks in 3 days. and now, a spring break trip to visit my parents with the family last week. The more I visit, the slower it seems to change. That said, I still end up doing a few new things every trip, which is awesome for me… some of those things include:

  • Getting to board the 2nd level of the ferry using the new gang planks that come out when they are busy.
  • Getting to see all the 50th statues (and take photos of them)
  • Getting to collect all the 50th golden coins.
  • Riding Ratatouille and Astro Orbiter for the first time (and possibly the Rocking Roller Coaster, I can’t recall when I had been on it before)
  • Getting to see the “Beacons”
  • Having Eloise start the show on the carosel of progress
  • Getting the latest Super Zoom Photos (and numerous other disney photos)
  • Spending times with friends in the park

Disney is my home away from home. I love the flexibility of being able to get down there.

I could talk about how my kids have aged… Link will be attending MSA next year. Life has come full circle. Eloise has become a smarty pants. Both kids are becoming their own persons. Link with love for art. Eloise with a love for Dance. Both love their technology… but maybe not like dad :-).

I could talk about covid, politics, war, etc… However, that’s stuff that is always around… and really my views on things in this case aren’t all that interesting.

I’m not sure what will all happen between now and my next blog post… But here’s to things slowly getting better.