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Documenting Life

Yesterday was the Superbowl. I didn’t watch it this year. Instead I streamed.

But, that’s not the point.

The Superbowl caused my mind to wander earlier this week. We used to have a tradition with Rich’s family where we would all gather and have either homemade pizza or pasta bars. As my mind wandered, I tried to figure out when that tradition started.

My brain started to go through process of elimination…

It had to be before 2003, because I remember it in the “old house”.

It had to be before 2003, because I remember it before Amber.

I have vague memories of it possibly being tied to my sister’s last year of academic triatholon.

I have vague memories of a green bay game at Rich’s.

So my brain decided that it must have been around 2000 or 2001.

But it wasn’t sure. And my brain doesn’t like to give up on things.

A few days after that moment, we got to talking about it on stream, and a solution to figuring out when we started presented itself. It was this blog. For much of highschool and college, I documented my life here. Almost every day. Mundane things. Big things.

With a simple search, we had it isolated down to 2001, and stumbled into some other old memories. Stream then proceeded to answer another date and time I couldn’t lock down, which was when we were in an SMS motor speedway league.

All of that is to say – thing blog is a backup to my memory. Streaming, is becoming a backup to my memory. My wiki is becoming a backup to my memory… And for the first time in a long time, I feel like I need it. Age is starting to cause some memories to blur together and fade. Time is cruel.

So I should do a better job documenting things. We all should.

Let’s talk about things that have happened recently:

  • I’m still streaming daily. We’re over 1060 in a row now.
  • I’m going to Disney again in March. I went in November with Amber, and January with Cheppy.
  • Link is currently doing swim lessons and is in his second semester at MSA
  • Eloise has joined the circus and continues to do Dance.
  • Amber (now called LXGEGG) is more amazing than ever. She basically runs the show. She’s currently helping me make some dresses for the niece’s and Eloise. She also has a new tatoo now.

Tomorrow I think is Valentine’s day. I probably won’t remember to blog.

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