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Well, I think I need sleep because today was one of my slowest yet. I accomplished going to church. There we saw slides of a mission trip we could go on.
I think I might just go, because it looks like a lot of fun… Now how to work around school. Also been working on a new game for my other website (the SMRC).
It now has online support so all is going good. Next step is to actually build the game. Played way to much Smash Brothers. Beat Event Match 50 which made me very happy.
I also spent a good portion of today wondering what my life would be like if I did some of the stupid things I thought of doing. I do have some pretty weird ideas you know.

The Making of a Sentence
yew and youre spell chequer woork ard
youre spell chequer and you work hard
your spell chequer and i work hard
My spell checker and i work hard
My spell checker and I work hard
My spell checker and I work hard.

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