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A Pizza is Cooking

Well I haven’t managed to slow down at all. School, Church, MSA, Sim‘s House, home. That’s my whole schedule right there. I suppose this is the point where I go into the highlights of my day. Maybe, I will go on some deep insightful rant about how the pizza in the oven is like the plans I have made for my life. Yes, that’s what I will finish with, something about a pizza in the oven.

The only interesting thing I did in school was draw on paper. I ended up drawing one of the most complex maps of my life that I have ever drawn. If the map didn’t contain sensitive information on it, I would probably scan it and put it on the website. For those of you who know me, if you really want to see it… we might be able to arrage something, for a price of course :-).

I don’t remember exactly how I ended up at church today. I don’t think it was intentional. Jeremy, Derek, and I all piled in his small car and went to Best Buy to purchase sound equipment. I must say the Youth Room is starting to look pretty high tech. Now, if only we would have remembered the front speakers and subs as well as had a credit card that works. Oh well, what can you do?

Talked with Sim and straigtened somethings out. Mainly plans for his website and mine. We are working on a problem facing the advanced graphing system. Research is to be done in the field image maps, but until then, we are stuck.

Nikki and I are going to hang tommorow for lunch. It should be fun. I have a slight problem in that I said something I shouldn’t have revealing I was holding cards that I still want to be holding. It could be interesting, but hey… I can’t hold all the cards right? Either way, I either have to find a way to for her to not think about it, or tell her. Either option works. It’s just a matter of wether or not I want my hand showing. Gotta love metaphors… speaking of which…

That pizza in the oven is looking mighty fine right about now. It was like the plan for this blog entry. You will notice that Over time this entry grew. It even tasted good when you were all done cooking it. Now you have had your fill of JJ’s Domain for the day, and want to go on and read things like The Onus. Common people, you know you want to :-).

Possible future story idea: Scary story about kid stuck in a bathroom…

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