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A Great, Bad, Good, Long Day

So today starts with my school alarm clock going off at 5:40AM. The overly loud buzzing noise jolted me out of bed and then the rush of knowledge hit my head, either that or the fan… I’m not sure which. Somehow I ended up realizing that today I didn’t have school and that I should be in bed. I of course couldn’t go back to sleep right away so I went and did the thing that seems most natural to me: went and got a Code Red. This may seem like the less obvious choice to do when you want to get back to sleep, but when your body can’t handle the rush of sugar and caffine that early in the morning, it knocks you out like a light. So for the next 4 hours I slept through 2 phone calls, and if I am correct, my 6:30 alarm. Either way, I got out of bed just before 10:00 and went on with my day.

First up was returning those phone calls I missed. They happened to be from the same person which was all good. The family friend had called to ask for my computer services to be rendered sometime soon. I offered 5:00 today and of course got there to find not much to get going for them. I suppose thats a few jumps ahead of my day, but it seemed to fit there in this paragraph. Either way, let’s get back to what I did before going over to that house that people needed computer help in.

MSA was kinda productive for once. I managed to solve a printer issue that has been nagging me for weeks. Dan, the most useful and helpful tech guy under me at MSA, took care of some of the minor things. I know sometimes he feels like he doesn’t get to do any of the fun stuff, so I thought I would let him know how much Minsley and I owe him for what he does. If you didn’t do it Dan, I wouldn’t be going to school anymore. Either way, I have to poke fun at Dan now… Well no I don’t… So I guess I won’t. Let’s just say Dan and I fixed a self created problem and now things are working better than ever. I am kinda glad Dan got the idea to put the start menus together like they are. It’s nice to know that he thinks on the same wavelength as me at MSA. Keep the shares low, keep the scripts working, and then… all will be good.

Sometime in that period of the day, I left for 3 hours and went to Maplewood Mall with Nikki. We had a good time talking at lunch, walking around aimlessly at the mall, eating Dairy Queen™, and just hanging. It’s to bad she was kind of ill. I sort of feel bad for not making her go home and rest before she had work. Hopefully she is getting lots of sleep tonight and is better tommorow. GET WELL NIKKI!!! WE DONT WANT TO MISS YOU!!! *thinks about that for a minute* Either way, this time turned out to be the highlight of my day because it was good food, good fun, and well I got to play DDR…

It was then back to MSA, but I don’t need to mention it because it has been talked about. Then I went to fix that computer. I figure this whole paragraph is pointless and I just needed some sort of time transition in this post to the next segment about what I did after computer repair. So you want to know what I did? Huh? do ya!? well then… keep reading…

Damon’s with some friends was next on the agenda. John, Jon, Amber, Sim, Julie, Jerimiah, and Nikki all hung out at Damon’s. Amber and Jon went to some rib eating contest and Nikki was sick so they left and went there seperate ways while the other 4/5 of us stayed and ate. It was then off to my house to relax and watch Small Soldiers. PK called and came over to watch. He brought two people I am sure to run into on campus a few times. Greg and Fluffy Rob are their names. Hopefully, I didn’t spell Greg wrong, or Rob… We shot pull till about 42 minutes ago. I then kicked them all out as according to the rules, and they all left without any fuss… Well, that isn’t true… I think John was complaining about 8 hours until work tommorow… maybe not :-).

So what do I think about today? Good day! What do I think about new Pool rules? BAD! What was today? Long… Isn’t Life great?

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