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Papers Suck

Today was the first reminder of why I don’t like school. It takes away from time the things I want to do and replaces it with the things I don’t want to do. Today’s example: the dreaded 5 page last minute rough draft. I don’t want to do it, and it has managed to replace time I could be spending working on things like the advanced graphing system, the MSA website, or Animal Crossing. Two of these things I will mention again because I did them before doing the rough draft, leaving me in the position I am currently at: Avoiding trying to squeeze at least one more page of writing out of this paper so that my peer reviewer can at least try to get me an A on this paper. Yes, I know this sounds wrong, but really… The peer reviewer can mean the difference between an A and a B on a college paper… I hope tommorow when we all trade that I get one that can bring this paper to an A. Maybe for the first time in my college life, I will go to office hours and actually see what my teachers think of the paper. I know this would be a first for me, but hey if it means I get a good grade on these 4 papers enough to get me an awsome grade in the class: then so be it!

Animal Crossing has become a drug for me. I am almost thinking about opening up the SMRC again just to start sections for this game. I know it sounds crazy, especially with my lack of time and ability to procrastinate. What really makes me wonder is how I pump out so many words for this site on a daily basis and yet I can never find enough good words to write a good paper. Maybe it is just my ability to ramble here in a fashion that seems somewhat orderly to me where as in a paper I must remain coherant at all times. Screw this, I should go to bed and see if I can get one or two more pages tommorow before I have to pick up John.

I promised my boss today that the MSA website would be up and running by Monday. This probably means that either Saturday or Sunday I will spend 12 hours at MSA with my computer working on getting it all converted and checking out the code and maybe even touching up the design. If I think about it in advance, maybe I will even spend some time cleaning up the design a little more than it already is. Who knows, not I…

Now for the juicy part of the site. In the last week, things seemed to have found a way to transition themselves from one point of view to another. People used to rumor that it was Sim and Nikki going out. Now it seems that Nikki and I are supposidly going out. I figured I would stop that rumor here just to make sure everyone was on the same page. I am not dating Nikki. If I am someone forgot to tell me and I am missing out on a lot of the benefits that come with dating someone. If it seems like we are spending time together, it is because we have that time to spend and no one else does. On a small minor note, I am not sure why anyone really cares who is dating who… Is it like everyone is trying to avoid some big embarrassment where they ask someone out who is committed to someone else? Or is it that they dont want to risk hurting someone’s feelings because they didn’t know someone like someone else? Maybe it’s a combination of these factors and so much more… Oh wait, but there is more.

When did dating become such a strong word. It used to be that you could date multiple people at once. It was going steady that there was actually a commitment to one individual. This however seems to have been lost with the lingo of “groovy”. Perhaps it has something to do with the increase in knowledge of STD’s and other weird things that no one really wants to talk about. Maybe if we all just spent a little more time being friends and less time thinking about the next place we were going to get some, the divorce rate would be down and the happy people would be up. Does anyone graph how many happy people there are in this world? There’s my next big idea :-).

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