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You know…

I don’t normally update at this time, but because I am sitting in front of my comptuer anyway right now, I figured I would. In about 5 minutes I will dash to eat breakfast, dash to my John‘s house to pick him up and go to the U, hop a bus to class and be there at about 8:15. This routine is common on Tuesday mornings, and has become a sad inside joke between John and me.

How’d that paper go you ask? It’s shorter than I want it to be, it hasn’t been proofed, and I don’t think it has enough textual refrences. This is ok though because it is after all, a draft.

I decided to switch over to my new style today. Nikki designed this new style using some piazza at the Mapplewood Mall. I have enough new clothes to go till friday before I must switch back to the old style. What does this tell me? I still need to do more shopping so that I am all ready for winter to be here and snow to be on the ground.

Well, off to class I go…

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