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Here is something I find very curious. Why is it that if I survive the 12:00 brink of tiredness, I suddenly get a nice burst of energy that lasts me to so long that I could probably make it till morning without issue. I am sure I would notice issues if I tried to do something like drive, but for school work, it seems to be enough to get that final edge of stuff done in time for class tomorrow. Take for example this post. I am sure that there are probably more errors in it than usual. I am sure that it does not flow as nicely, but, with a little help from Word, this entry would be almost flawless. This is why technology is so great.

On another note, another one of technologies greats benefited me tonight. The wonderful Instant Messanger. It gave me the power to communicate with my Youth Pastor at 12:00AM. This isn’t normally something most people can do, and even to me, this came as quite a surprise. The poor guy works so hard, especially for a man who just had another kid. He is great though and has been probably one of my top 5 people who have brought me closer to God.

That’s the other thing that kind of bothers me with this site. I don’t mention my faith all that often. I should for it can have an amazing impact on a person’s life. For example, a story was share with me today about a girl named Mandy. She was hit by a car and badly injured. What should have been a fatal car crash actually ended with many people getting closer to God, and Mandy becoming somewhat of a celebrity. The other story shared tonight was of the girl(Cassie Bernal(sp?)) in Columbine that said yes to the gunmen about believing in God. I could only hope that I would make that decision. This is where I start to cry…

This was her time
This was her dance
She lived every moment
Left nothing to chance
She swam in the sea
Drank of the deep
Embraced the mystery of all she could be
And this was her time…

MW Smith.. Amazing guy. God given talent put to use.

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