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A rough morning

It’s raining. For this reason alone, I was forced to take an alternate route to try to get to school on time. The problem with this alternate route is that I don’t know where it goes, only where it is supposed to end. The first half of this 20 mile journey went well. I had no problems finding my way to the heart of minneapolis. The second half hit some hitchs however when I could not find University Ave. I tried and tried but to no avail. So instead, I just took an alternate road that headed in the general direction of the U. Sooner or later it just happened to cross University Ave and about a dozen other streets I had already passed at some point today. Either way, I made it to where my class was 30 minutes late so I decided instead of getting a half lecture that would put me more asleep then I already am, I would stand here and type an entry about my bad run-ins with the US Highway System.

It is nice to know that even though I missed this class I will not have missed anything of very much importance. The class is Economics and the professor puts all his notes online. To add to it, he teaches right out of the book. So basically, if I read both his notes and the book for today, I will be fine.

I think I posted last night saying I finished all my homework. That makes me feel pretty dang good considering the amount of homework I had last night and the amount of time wasted on Animal Crossing.

One last minor note before I go study for my next class. I think I need a new system for alarm clocks. Somehow, I managed to shut both of mine off today and still end up asleep in bed. I think the solution to this problem is to put the alarm clock on the other side of the room, that way if I do shut it off and fall asleep again, I will be uncomfortable in the middle of my room.

Just to explain my mood a little. I seem to be a morning person after the first 30 minutes of my morning. To add to it, I had one of those really cool singing experiences in my car on the way here… You know the kind… The kind where you just start singing and not caring about anything going on around you. You don’t? Oh… To bad…


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