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Friday Is Here

Another week has gone by and I thought I would mention a few things to just summerize it. It was paper filled. The most common question asked of me was, “So why is Nikki grounded.” I played well over 20 hours of Animal Crossing. I wore all my new outfits. I only played DDR once. JAG and Friend’s season premiers rocked. I think that was it for this week.

Now for the weekend. I think I might start my lock-in tommorow. This depends solely on what people want to do and when they want to do it. Perhaps I will be sure to make time for people this weekend despite the number of hours I need to work at MSA. I hope Papa Johns stays in biz this weekend :-).

I need to clean my room. Yes, this should be done as well. Maybe if I get to it. People are starting to want to play football as well. I suppose I should start to want that as well. It is fun. Sim might have me pegged this time. I might be in the lull’s. Could be, but I feel pretty good if I am there. I am feeling almost so good that I could re-re-open the SMRC again. Perhaps not… Well either way, it’s early here so I am going to go to bed before I have to be at a bakery tommorow morning. Later all.

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