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Prepare for war…

RING RING! The phone rings, and Justin wakes up yet again 2 hours before he wanted to. He quickly slaps the cancel button, sending the person to voicemail and himself back into the wonderful state of simplicity. 2 Hours later he awakes with one thing on the mind. One thing that will more than likely find some way to destroy him for the next 3 days… Work…

He goes through his morning routine, thinking he is all hyped to start the long process of tinkering with computers. He focuses on how much he will be getting done. He focuses on how much less he will have to do once he is done. He focuses on the upside of what later turns into round one of a huge war.

As a warm up, he decided to go repair the bakery’s computers. This turned out to be a good prepartion for the battles that would soon be insuing. It also supplied him with some much needed rations. He reminds himself to take up the art of baking one day. He remember’s a past quote from some wise guy in some far off land, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.”

After the bakery, he then heads for the battle ground. There he finds everyone’s weapon’s of war failing on them. Peoples emails magically vanishing, Programs returning can’t fire messages, and a bunch of broken windows whose glass was near impossible to put back together. It was so bad, he didn’t even get to the battle field he was hoping to arrive at. However, a good lady named Mavis started to work, and so did her friend’s the PageMaker and the ArcIMS man. Now people could view maps of the building without issue, and thus find their way to where they should be.

The young soldier was then very fed up with the machines and decided it would be best to go practice some other skills and maybe relax a little. So he went and danced at the local movie theatre. There he met some smokin’ punks, who seemed friendly but were not to be trusted with his wallet. He showed him how his mad dancing skills could make the machine move, even with Sim trying to hold down the fort.

However much fun our three hero’s (Sim, John, and JJ) were having at Carmike, it was not enough to stop there. Instead, Sim was to be trained in the art of Animal Crossing, and John in the art of old school Punchout. Soon two more allies joined up, Jerimiah and Brian, and we decided it was time for a training video.

Happy Gilmore was popped into the VCR and the games began. We were all taught how golf is to be played, how golf really is a contact sport, and how golf, despite its sissy appearence, still gets you the girls in white (or black). Needless to say, this video allowed or all to have a good time with little to no management at all.

Still, thoughts crossed our young soldiers mind. Where was the most regular member of the friday night movie brigade? Ah, as the forces may have it, Nikki, was still a prisoner of war. Beth and Rob were also not to be found, but we assume that they were continuing training of the mystic art of dancing in some secret and somewhat remote location. Seeing as our hero didn’t leave MSA until 9:30, it was almost unfeasible to do anything anywhere but at his own house.

But still, even Amber and Maria were missed. It seems that the army of the summary has been mortally wounded. Perhaps it is the attitude of our hero. Perhaps, it is the casualities of intensive training schools. Maybe it is just the wrath of stress coming down on us all. Whatever the case, it’s change.

Well our hero is tired now. It approaches the wee morning, and round two of this war must be started tommorow. Hopefully, with images in hand, a clear motive, and little to no interuption… All shalt be completed.

I hope you enjoyed this entry as much as I did writing it.

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