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The Battle Wages

Those computers think they can win… Not today suckers! I was able to successfully victimize a linux webserver today. It was forced to run MySQL, PHP, and Apache, and it was going to like doing it! After shoving those wonderful applications down its throat, it was then introduced to massive amounts of php coding. This code was hand written, on the fly, line by line, for the sole purpose of um… hmm… mind blank… Yeah either way… That is all I did today. It really is a lot more than it sounds. And, for your knowledge, it will probably be what I do tommorow.

In other new: The Onus has finally declared a victor in my battle with the evil AOL computer systems. This victory comes as a surprise after some of the past episodes implied that I was about to get blasted. Captain Bluelight Special, however saves the day. If you have read that comic sequence, head right over to The Onus right now and do so! I said DO SO!

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