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Shell Shock

I really should stop with the war metaphors. I don’t think they are making for very unique titles. Then again, the way I see it: With over 150 entries now, sooner or later I am going to run out of word combinations. Let’s think about this, there are like 32,000 words you and of course mix and match them to no end, but lets put some constraints. Remove all words longer than 7 letters. Remove all words dealing with virus’s, complex science terms, or anything else that might be really complex. Factor in title length to be no longer than 8 words. Doing the math… thats still way to many possible title combinations for me to work with… For this reason, I revoke my previous statement that I will be running out of word combinations.

As reported in my title. I am in a little bit of a shell shocked kinda mood. I think I am mentally exhausted by the shear amounts of code I pumped out over the weekend. This is making it very difficult to find motivation to actually edit a paper due tommorow and read a book for tommorow. Instead, I seemed to be spending my time watching TV or playing that Animal Crossing game. This seems to provide an ample distraction and requires little thought, so it’s good.

This is the point in my writing where I state some opinions. Let’s start with TV. Monday’s agenda for my TV schedule is now 7th Heaven then Everwood. 7th Heaven has been a long time favorite for various weird reasons. The idea behind some of the complex events that happen in their lives is sometimes just amazing. I know it isn’t real, but it still pertains to many peoples lives. For example, today’s epsiode involved a girl giving up a child. A very hard thing to do, especially for a teenage girl. Very complex.

Ironically, one of my new favorite TV shows also dealth with the same issue but in a different light. Everwood, for those of you who don’t know, is the “new hit tv series” on the WB. It seems very well written, very down to earth, and just plain… good. The narrator always at the beginning is very cool and provides kinda a third person perspective on the story and scene. What really has me going is the on screen chemistry between the girl and the guy. For some reason, I relate well with this guy. He seems to have a mind of his own, hidden talents, and the ability to have alterior motives without anyone knowing it. Ironically, he uses this for evil when he lies about telling his dad about the girl’s boyfriend’s problems. I am sure that the tv show will play this to it’s fullest advantage, but still… I already want them to work out.

Speaking of things working out. I am starting to develope a grudge against this real time clock thing Animal crossing has. There are two reasons for it. It allows the game to know when I should be sleeping. At this point, all the characters start yelling at me and tell me to go to bed. Although this is the healthy thing for the game to be doing, it’s not what I WANT it to be doing. To the same token, it knows what day it is. For this reason, the last day of the month is a raffel day in game. The shop clothes to hold the raffel and leaves me with no way to sell my items. The raffel lasts about 30 seconds, and despite the fact I got a nintendo out of it, really isn’t all that exciting. In other words: I wish I still had a way to sell my goods on a day on today. Either way, the game has been able to captivate my attention in much the same way Chrono Trigger, Ultima Online, and Mario has… They have always created huge worlds for me to explore, work, and find things in. This is why I am a Nintendo gamer. I am not out to shoot everything. I am out to learn in a fun way.

Last notes for tonight: I have noticed that I have developed some sort of self constraint when it comes to controlling my actions from my motives. For example: People used to tell me I can’t buy my friends. I know this, and I never believed I have. I always just enjoyed helping them out and making them smile. For the most part, this is OK and I am down with that. People have issue with it when I spend exhorbent amounts of cash. This is normally the sign of other motives at work. For example, buying leather pants for someone may have been one step over the top. Maybe not completely in that case… It was christmas. But, I don’t think I can honestly admit I didn’t have alterior motives. Either way, it was worth the purchase and I am not saying it was the wrong thing to do. What I am saying, is that I don’t need to do that kind of thing, and that it will not end up causing me to get my alterior motives. This is a good thing to know, and it has helped prevent me from costing myself much dinero today. Thank you oh lessons learned.

Because that last paragraph came off a little confusing, I believe this would be a good point to stop. I figure I have done my rambling for today and that life as it seems with continue, despite wether or not you read my writings. Shout out to all of those people who cause me to get hits from nation’s outside the US on my hit counter. This includes you Kim!